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FCT Water Treatment has developed relationships with various water treatment companies that offer innovative and unique solutions. We work with these companies to bring our customers a wide range of water treatment options for all types of industries.

Silver Bullet

FCT Water Treatment has established a relationship with Silver Bullet in order to offer an effective and economic alternative to oxidizing biocides.

Classified as an Advanced Oxidation Process (AOP), Silver Bullet generates singlet oxygen atoms which are diffused into water, forming highly reactive hydroxyl and oxygen free radicals. AOPs are recognized by the EPA as an effective and safe water disinfection method and hydroxyl radicals are considered to be the strongest oxidants that can be applied in water.

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  • Rapid reaction rates
  • EPA recognized effective biocide
  • Small environmental footprint
  • Easily automated and controlled
  • Reduced labor and maintenance

For more information please visit www.silverbulletcorp.com


FCT Water Treatment works with ResinTech as a supplier for high quality ION Exchange resins and membranes.

Ion exchange resins are particularly well suited for the removal of ionic impurities for several reasons: the resins have high capacities for ions that are found in low concentrations, the resins are stable and readily regenerated, temperature effects are for the most part negligible, and the process is excellent for both large and small installations.

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Resin Types:

  • Strong & Weak Acid Cation
  • Strong & Weak Base Anion
  • Mixed Beds
  • Specialty Beds
  • Uniform Particle Size
  • And many more...

For more information please visit www.resintech.com

Interstate Chemical

FCT Water Treatment has partnered with Interstate Chemical to distribute Intercool® heat transfer fluids and other treatment chemicals.

Interstate Chemical has serviced the chemical requirements of its customers for over a quarter century. They have always strived to be a leader of new and innovative products through manufacturing or custom blending of high quality materials.

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  • Ensure your system is using the best virgin Glycol
  • Glycol formulated with:
    • DI water
    • Corrosion inhibitors
    • pH buffers
    • Fluorecent lead detection dye
    • All certified to meet system requirements
  • FREE analysis to ensure your system is properly maintained
  • Complete line of maintenance additives
  • Competitive pricing

For more information please visit www.interstatechemical.com